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Every spring, when the days get longer and the nights get shorter, there are often extreme temperature differences.

During a morning outdoor walk, on the way to work with the bike or when starting the mountain tour early in the morning, the thermometer often shows temperatures near or below freezing. According to the weather forecast, we know that it will be 20 degrees and more in the afternoon. Women cry out, men take it more calmly.

Nevertheless, you have to choose the right outdoor clothing for the whole day. If it is more 2- or 3-layers, light is always good, it should keep you warm in the morning and breathability would be a great advantage. In the Outdoor online store you will find a wide range of functional outdoor clothing for changing weather conditions and temperatures, not only for spring but for the whole year.



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This term defines on the one hand all that nature has to offer and, on the other hand, all the activities it provides to us human beings.

The diversity of nature includes thousands of animal and plant species, on the other hand idyllic places of this planet, such as water bodies, mountains or forests.


This website provides you with the materials that you can use to explore these places as suitable equipment for, for example, camping or hiking, as well as for other leisure activities such as barbecues or sports.

Suitable items, clothing such as protective clothing, and shoes fit for the surroundings can be found here, which will accompany you prepared into the outdoor life.




Hunting Clothes online store

In the past, hunting has had numerous purposes, be it self-sufficiency for food or even for time distribution or fun.


The hunting game is usually achieved by experienced hunters.


Although it is no longer considered that modern, it is still very present today.

All those who are interested in hunting or even deal with it are therefore at the right place. 

Suitable equipment for hunters or even the hunt itself can be found here, from tools such as knives to clothing suitable for the forest, where hunting usually and mainly takes place.



Motorcycle Clothing online Store 

The vehicle that guides you throughout numerous of landscapes, alone or even in biker groups. 

Given its body, it allows a more flexible and less time-consuming way to move from one place to another, compared to, for example, a car.


Often, professional bikers can be found in

groups that usually wear similar and quite characteristic attire.


Those attires include their famous helmets which often vary in design and their leather garments; such as their jackets, pants or the gloves which are required as a safety measurement specifically because of the velocity of the vehicle and the low temperature it can cause when the wind hits the skin.



Outdoor clothing & functional clothing – outdoor clothing store!

As low as the temperatures can get on a cold camping night, the prices for outdoor clothing at Outdoor store are sometimes as low as possible.

Outdoor clothing gives freedom of movement, keeps the body dry and warm.

Who once stood freezing on the camping site or at the end of the world like a wet poodle in damp, scratchy and never drying clothes, will never do without functional outdoor clothing.

Basically, a system is divided into three layers, which can be carried on top of one another and peeled off using the onion principle.  Read more


Outdoor clothing in three strong layers

  • The first layer includes everything that is carried “underneath”. Functional underwear has direct skin contact and is the first point of contact for sweat.
  • Anyone who starts with the good old cotton underpants will quickly learn to hate them. Functional textiles are the magic word to transport sweat and keep a good body feeling on the skin.
  • The second layer essentially fulfills the functions of insulation and moisture transport. Breathable functional shirts and functional shirts are companions on tours you can rely on. Even if it gets wet due to a summer rain or is sweaty after the mountain pass, an outdoor shirt dries quickly. 
  • When the roof above the head is the starry sky, outdoor clothing is irreplaceable. Especially when it comes to comfort, drying time and durability, “good weather clothing” loses a lot against high-quality functional clothing. 
  • Outdoor clothing can be quickly dried in the fresh air after a wash in the river or in the shower. When it comes to outdoor clothing, special outdoor clothing, skirts and so-called skirts are a comfortable and feminine alternative for the ladies. 
  • A functional shirt is a mixture of shorts and a skirt, so that no one risks looking when Madame takes a big step. 
  • Fleece jackets, hoodies and warm fleece vests also belong in the second layer and can be put on or put away, folded up to a small pack size, depending on the weather. 
  • The third layer of functional clothing acts as a protective shield. Outdoor clothing that blocks against wind, rain and cold belongs on the outside of the body. Rain jackets, ponchos, windbreakers and winter jackets protect the body in adverse conditions.


Overview of the 3 layers of outdoor clothing:

  • Sweat transport layer
  • Insulation layer
  • Weather protection

High quality outdoor clothing – from head to sole

Whether hiking shoes made of genuine leather or high-tech trekking boots made of GoreTex – good outdoor trekking shoes belong on the sole. Run-in hiking shoes nestle against the foot like a separate part of the body and become companions for years.

They relieve the foot and keep it dry when the stream is deeper than expected.

A headgear and sunglasses also belong in the closet for outdoor clothing, otherwise there is a risk of headache and sunburn if the midday sun shines on the plate.

Accessories such as an outdoor belt with a secret compartment can be valuable.


Everyday outdoor clothing for outback and urban jungle

Functional clothing has long been not only extremely practical, but also well thought out in terms of fashion.

The sport appeal of outdoor clothing has brought the big brands from nature into the cities and into the wild everyday life.

Outdoor jackets have long since become everyday clothing for sporty townspeople and can be seen down under as well as in every metro subway. Columbia sportswear not only shows on the mountain tour, but also indoors what it has in terms of functionality.

In principle, it is sufficient to pack a minimum of outdoor clothing in the trekking backpack.

The simple washing, the quick drying and the insensitivity of high-quality functional clothing make these ready for use again in no time. But at Outdoor Store the comfortable outdoor clothes are so cheap that you can buy more of the functional and chic clothes.

Have fun browsing the  online shop for outdoor clothing and functional clothing!